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Hasegawa Shin In Japanese

Real Name: Hasegawa Shinjir˘

Existence: 15 March 1884 ~ 11 June 1963


15 March 1884: born in Yokohama.

May 1929: premiere at the Hong˘za of Hasegawa Shin's drama "Matatabi Waraji".

August 1929: premiere at the Imperial Theater of Hasegawa Shin's drama "Seki no Yatappe".

March 1931: premiere at the Meijiza of Hasegawa Shin's drama "Mabuta no Haha", starring Morita Kan'ya XIII and Onoe Taganoj˘ III in the roles of Chűtar˘ and Ohama.

May 1931: premiere at the Miyatoza of Hasegawa Shin's drama "Yuki no Wataridori".

July 1931: premiere at the T˘ky˘ Gekij˘ of Hasegawa Shin's drama "Ippon Gatana Dohy˘ Iri" [casting].

June 1932: premiere at the Kabukiza of Hasegawa Shin's drama "Irezumi Ch˘han" [casting].

June 1934: premiere at the T˘ky˘ Gekij˘ of Hasegawa Shin's drama "Kurayami no Ushimatsu" [casting].

July 1937: premiere in T˘ky˘ at the Yűrakuza of Hasegawa Shin's drama "Ori" (written in 1935), with a casting mixing Kabuki and non-Kabuki actors. Nakamura Moshio IV, Band˘ Minosuke VI and Nakamura Komanosuke VII played the roles of Yűchin/Goroichi, Shichibŕ and the daiku Gen.

March 1955: Hasegawa Shin's drama "Ori" was staged with a full Kabuki casting for the first time, in T˘ky˘ at the Meijiza [more details].

11 June 1963: Hasegawa Shin died in T˘ky˘.


Hasegawa Shin was a prolific playwright and novelist, who achieved fame for himself during the Taish˘ and Sh˘wa eras. He was the master of the matatabimono genre. Because his tales followed the familiar rules of popular and romantic narratives of the Edo period, polished with a touch of modernity and gritty realism, he had a wide following.

Hasegawa Shin

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