Playwright names:

Hj Hideji In Japanese

Real Name: Iino Hideji

Existence: 7 November 1902 ~ 19 May 1996


7th of November 1902: born in saka.

1930s: he becomes a disciple of Okamoto Kid and Hasegawa Shin.

July 1952: premiere at the Kabukiza of Hj Hideji's drama "Kitsune to Fuefuki" [casting].

July 1953: premiere at the Meijiza of Hj Hideji's drama "Ukifune" [casting].

September 1953: premiere at the Minamiza of Hj Hideji's drama "Ii Tair", which is staged with a non-Kabuki troupe, the Shinkokugeki (New National Drama).

July 1954: premiere at the Meijiza of the drama "Genji Monogatari", with a new script written by Hj Hideji.

March 1956: Meijiza of Hj Hideji's drama "Ii Tair" [more details].

February 1961: premiere at the Tky Takarazuka Theater of Hj Hideji's drama "Korikori Banashi" with Hisaya Morishige (Inosuke), Nakamura Kanzabur XVII (the priest Jzen), Yamada Isuzu (Okiwa) and Miki Norihei (Matahei). Because both Hisaya Morishige and Yamada Isuzu were from Kansai, they were portrayed as saka natives and the play was set in saka.

November 1961: premiere in Kabuki at the saka Shinkabukiza of Hj Hideji's drama "Korikori Banashi" [casting].

November 1970: premiere at the National Theatre of Hj Hideji's drama "Tair", a new drama which can be seen as an extended and more complex revision in 2 parts and 20 scenes of "Ii Tair".

1973: Hj Hideji receives the 21st Kikuchi Kan Award in recompense for his career.

1987: Hj Hideji is put by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in the list of Japanese personalities who have made outstanding culture contributions in Japan (bunka krsha).

19th of May 1996: Hj Hideji dies.

August 1996: revival at the Kabukiza of Hj Hideji's drama "Korikori Banashi", with a script revised by Nagawa Shsuke [casting]. This is the Edo version of the drama and it was entitled "Edo Miyage" ("Souvenir from Edo").


Hj Hideji was a prolific playwright and novelist of the Shwa era, who wrote more than 200 dramas, including some important Shinpa or Kabuki dramas.

The poster of Hj Hideji's drama "Tair", which was staged in November 1970 at the National Theatre

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