Nakamura Kannoj˘ I
Nakamura Kannoj˘ I  In Japanese

Dates of birth and death unknown. Disciple of Nakamura Kanzabur˘ II, he was active from the second half of the 1670s to 1693. His name appeared for the last time in the hy˘banki "Yar˘ Y˘kyű", which was published in Edo in 1693.

Nakamura Kannoj˘ II
Nakamura Kannoj˘ II  In Japanese

Unknown actor

Nakamura Kannoj˘ III
Nakamura Kannoj˘ III  In Japanese | Nakamura Nakasuke V  In Japanese

Born the 13th of May 1950. He graduated from the Actors Training Center of the National Theatre (first graduation) and made his debut on stage in April 1972 at the National Theatre, performing the role of a soldier in the drama "Ichi-no-Tani Futaba Gunki". He became a disciple of Nakamura Kanzabur˘ XVII and received the name of Nakamura Nakasuke V in June 1973 at the Kabukiza, where he played the roles of a watchman and a young samurai in "Edo no Yűdachi" and "Tange Sazen". He became nadai and celebrated the event in January 1987 at the Kabukiza, where he took the name of Nakamura Kannoj˘ III and played the roles of the wakashugata Kotaki and the villager Kannoj˘ in the dramas "Saruwaka Edo no Hatsuyagura" and "Kadonde Futari Momotar˘"; the latter drama was the hatsubutai of both Nakamura Kantar˘ II and Nakamura Shichinosuke II. Successively disciple of Nakamura Kanzabur˘ XVII and then his son Nakamura Kanzabur˘ XVIII, he is now at the service of the 3rd generation of masters of the Nakamuraya guild.

Yag˘ Honmy˘
Nakamuraya Mukai Shir˘
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