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Nakagawa Kinnoj˘ In Japanese

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1664: Kinnoj˘ performed in the first play divided into several acts of Kabuki history, which was staged in ďsaka. The author of the drama was Fukui Yagozaemon and it was entitled "Hinin no Adauchi". It narrated the tribulations of a young man who had to disguise himself as a beggar in order to look for the murderer of his father. Kinnoj˘'s others stage partners are Araki Yojibŕ I and Kaneko Rokuemon.

17th day of the 5th lunar month of 1683: the courtesan Yamatoya Ichinoj˘ and her lover Goze no Ch˘emon committed suicide together in ďsaka. This event caused quite a stir and three ďsaka theaters decided to capitalize on the situation by simultaneously producing the first shinjűmono of Kabuki history [more details]. Araki Yojibŕ I produced this shinjűmono, starring the actors Yoshikawa Tamon I and Kinnoj˘ in the roles of the courtesan and her lover.

11th lunar month of 1689: Kinnoj˘ performed in ďsaka in the drama "Fujiwara no Haruhime", which was produced by Iwai Hanshir˘ I; his stage partners were Murayama Heijűr˘ I and Uemura Kichiya II.

1st lunar month of 1689: Kinnoj˘ played in ďsaka the role of Kawamura Kojir˘ in the drama "Genroku Ninen Nigatsu Nijűninichi Senshichi Jűnenki".

1692: Kinnoj˘ played in Ky˘to the role of Kikuchi Hikoroku in the drama "Musume K˘k˘ki", which was produced by Yamashita Hanzaemon I.


Nakagawa Kinnoj˘ was a Kamigata tachiyaku actor, who was active from the 1660s to the beginning of the 1690s.

"Nakagawa Kinnoj˘ was a fine actor, who was praised for his mastery by great actors like T˘jűr˘, Ky˘emon and others." (from Kaneko Ikk˘'s book "Nijinshű" ("Dust in the Ears") in "The Actors' Analects" by Charles J. Dunn and Torigoe Bunz˘)

"The tachiyaku Nakagawa Kinnoj˘ had a natural gift for comedy. In a certain play, when a messenger was talking to a secretary, Kinnoj˘ came on with the task of offering him tea; he had to set down the cup and then withdraw. While he was close to him, he suddenly and mischievously thrust the stand the cup was on into his left hand. It was the moment at which the messenger was stating his business that Kinnoj˘ thrusts the stand into his hand, so he could not get rid of it immediately, and his extreme embarrassment, as his expression showed his confusion, was comical. The audience found it extraordinarily entertaining, and roared their approval. It is said that Kinnoj˘ drew great crowds by doing this sort of thing." (from Tamiya Shirogor˘'s book "Zoku Nijinshű", a sequel to Kaneko Ikk˘'s book "Nijinshű" ("Dust in the Ears"), in "The Actors' Analects" by Charles J. Dunn and Torigoe Bunz˘)

Nakagawa Kinnoj˘

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