Other name: Kamimura Kichiya II

Line number: NIDAIME (II)

Existence: ???


Master: Araki Yojibŕ I

Adoptive father: Uemura Kichiya I

Brother: Uemura Tatsuya

Disciple: Uemura Kichiya III


11th lunar month of 1681: he performs in ďsaka as a wakaonnagata in the troupe led by Kaneko Kichizaemon. the others wakaonnagata are Matsumoto Sanshir˘, Ichimura Kin'ya, Iwai Morinosuke, Shimomura Katsunoj˘ and Karamatsu Kasen.

17th day of the 5th lunar month of 1683: the courtesan Yamatoya Ichinoj˘ and her lover Goze no Ch˘emon commit suicide together in ďsaka. This event causes quite a stir and three ďsaka theaters decide to capitalize on the situation by simultaneously producing the first shinjűmono of Kabuki history; Kichiya plays the role of Ichinoj˘ in one of these productions, with Arashi San'emon I in the role of Ch˘emon [more details].

11th lunar month of 1686: Kichiya performs in Ky˘to for the zamoto Iwamoto Gonzabur˘. Kichiya's stage partners are Sakata T˘jűr˘ I, Okada Samanosuke, Nakamura Kazuma I, Shiga Kichibei and Hattori Jiroza.

1st lunar month of 1687: Kichiya's rank in "Yar˘ Tachiyaku Butai ďkagami", the first hy˘banki in Kabuki history, is (superior) [visual]. He shares this ranking with Araki Yojibŕ I, Yamashita Hanzaemon I, Takeshima K˘zaemon I, Suzuki Heizaemon I, Nakamura Kazuma I, Takenaka Kichisabur˘ I, Fujita Koheiji I and Karamatsu Kasen.

11th lunar month of 1689: Kichiya plays in ďsaka in the drama "Fujiwara no Haruhime", which is produced by Iwai Hanshir˘ I. His two main stage partnere are Murayama Heijűr˘ I and Nakagawa Kinnoj˘.

1691: Kichiya most likely plays in ďsaka at the Kado no Shibai in the drama "Sakai no Daiji Kaich˘", which stars Sakata T˘jűr˘ I.

1st lunar month of 1693: publication of "Kokon Shibai Irokurabe Hyakunin Isshu"; Kichiya is one of the 100 actors selected in this book. This is unfortunately the last record of Kichiya.


Uemura Kichiya II was a 17th century Kamigata onnagata actor and the heir of the legendary Uemura Kichiya I. His career was short (less than 15 years) but successful. He excelled in dancing, shűtangoto and onry˘goto. He was nicknamed by his fans Pintokona no Kichiya (the word pintokona was used during the Genroku era to refer to strong females).

Uemura Kichiya II

The Uemura (Kamimura) Kichiya line of actors

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