Matsumoto Somesh˘
Matsumoto Somesh˘  In Japanese | Matsumoto Kinzabur˘  In Japanese

Born in T˘ky˘ in the district of Ushigome the 20th of March 1903. His real name was Nomura Hachir˘. He was adopted in 1915 by a Nakamura family and his honmy˘ was changed to Nakamura Hachir˘. He started his career in Kabuki in 1923 as a disciple of Matsumoto K˘shir˘ VII, who gave him the name of Matsumoto Kinzabur˘. He became nadai and took the name of Matsumoto Somesh˘ in June 1935. He joined the Zenshinza in 1942. He left the Zenshinza in 1956 and entered the movie world. He was casted in 61 movies, 26 for the Nikkatsu, 26 for the T˘h˘ and 5 for the T˘ei. He left the movie world in 1971 and entered back the Kabuki world thanks to the patronage of Onoe Sh˘roku II. He appeared on stage for the last time in April 1985, in T˘ky˘ at the Kabukiza, where he performed in the "Sukeroku" which was staged to celebrate the shűmei of Ichikawa Danjűr˘ XII. He died 12th of August 1985.

Yag˘ Honmy˘
K˘raiya Nakamura Hachir˘, Nomura Hachir˘
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