Play titles Kotobuki Ninin Shj  In Japanese
Shj Yuki no Yoizame  In Japanese
Common titles Kotobuki Shj  In Japanese
Shj  In Japanese
Authors Kawatake Kinsaku I (1874), Sakurada Jisuke II (1820) (lyrics)
Kineya Shjir III (1874 music)
Hanayagi Jusuke I (1874 choreography)

The N drama "Shj" was adapted to Kabuki for the first time in the 9th lunar month of 1820 at the Nakamuraza. It was one of the 7 roles of the hengemono "Setsugekka Nagori no Bundai". All the roles were performed by Band Mitsugor III. The section with the shj was entitled "Shj Yuki no Yoizame". Kawatake Kinsaku I's Nagauta-based dance-drama "Kotobuki Ninin Shj" was premiered in July 1874 at the Kawarasakiza [more details]. A Giday-based version of "Shj" was staged for the first time in January 1946 at the saka Kabukiza [more details]. Usually, there is only one shj in the Giday-based "Shj" and there are two shj in the Nagauta-based "Shj".

Key words Giday
Shj (N)

Once upon a time in China, in the village of Yzu at the foot of Mount Kanekin, lived a sake peddler named Kf who was known for his filial piety. One day he was told in a dream that if he would come to a certain lake that evening he would be rewarded for his goodness. When he came to the site as directed he was joined by the pair of shj who lived in the waters of the lake. The shj drank their fill from his sakatsubo, but the peddler did not protest or grudge them their drink in any way. But to his surprise, no matter how much the shj drank, his sakatsubo seemed to remain always full. The shj then told him that was his reward for his filial piety. After that, no matter how much sake was taken out of the sakatsubo, it always refilled itself so that Kf became a wealthy man.

The actors Nakamura Tokiz III and Band Mitsugor VII performing in the dance "Shj"

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