Stage names:

Sawamura Shozan III In Japanese
Sawamura Tanosuke V In Japanese
Sawamura Yoshijir˘ III In Japanese

Real name: Yamanaka S˘jir˘

Guild: Kinokuniya

Line number: SANDAIME (III)

Poetry name: Shozan (3)

Existence: 11 October 1902 ~ 3 December 1968


Father: Sawamura S˘jűr˘ VII

Brothers: Suketakaya Takasuke V, Sawamura S˘jűr˘ VIII

Sons: Sawamura Tanosuke VI, Sawamura Rokur˘, Sawamura Yoshijir˘ V

Disciple: Sawamura Chidori


11 October 1902: Born in T˘ky˘. He was the second son of Sawamura S˘jűr˘ VII.

September 1908: he made his first stage appearance, at the Kabukiza, where he received the name of Sawamura Yoshijir˘ III.

January 1920: he became nadai and took the name of Sawamura Tanosuke V at the Imperial Theater.

1931: he spent most of this year abroad, studying Western theatre arts in Europe and the USA.

November 1939: premiere at the T˘ky˘ Gekij˘ of Kimura Tomiko's dance-drama "Kurozuka"; Tanosuke played the role of the yamabushi Priest Sanukib˘ [casting].

March 1947: he achieved a great success at the Mitsukoshi Gekij˘ by playing the role of Nuregami Ch˘gor˘ in the drama "Hikimado".

May 1947: revival at the T˘ky˘ Gekij˘ of the drama "Jayanagi"; Tanosuke played the role of Honda Jir˘ Chikatsune [more details].

September 1947: premiere at the Imperial Theater of Atsumi Seitar˘'s version of "Nans˘ Satomi Hakkenden"; Tanosuke played the roles of Inukai Genpachi Nobumichi and Aboshi Samojir˘ [casting].

2 March 1949: his father Sawamura S˘jűr˘ VII died.

July 1952: premiere at the Kabukiza of H˘j˘ Hideji's drama "Kitsune to Fuefuki"; Tanosuke played the role of Natsumasa [casting].

March 1953: premiere at the Kabukiza of Osaragi Jir˘'s drama "Edo no Yűbae"; Tanosuke played the role of the hatamoto Sekine Mondonoj˘ [casting].

30 August 1962: his eldest brother Suketakaya Takasuke V died.

April 1964: because of serious health problems, he had to retire, taking the name of Sawamura Shozan III and giving his previous stage name to his son Sawamura Yoshijir˘ IV, who became Sawamura Tanosuke VI.

3 December 1968: he died in T˘ky˘.


Sawamura Shozan III was a nimaime and a wagotoshi. His most notable performance was the role of Sonobe Saemon in the classic "Shin Usuyuki Monogatari". In some books, he was referenced as Sawamura Shozan I. In others, he was Sawamura Shozan V. We've decided to stay in line with the the latest edition (2012) of "Kabuki Haiyű Meiseki Benran".

The Sawamura Yoshijir˘ line of actors

The Sawamura Tanosuke line of actors

The Sawamura Shozan line of actors

Sawamura Tanosuke V playing the role of Miyazaki Kazuma in the drama "K˘chiyama", which was staged in November 1926 at the Imperial Theater

The Sawamura Yoshijir˘ line of actors

The Sawamura Tanosuke line of actors

The Sawamura Shozan line of actors

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