Play titles Hj Kudai Meika no Isaoshi  In Japanese
Takatoki  In Japanese
Authors Kawatake Mokuami
Kineya Shjir III (music)

"Hj Kudai Meika no Isaoshi" was premiered in November 1884 at the Saruwakaza [casting]. It was part of the opening program for the newly-built Saruwakaza. The dance section of "Takatoki" was accompanied by a Nagauta ensemble and the music was written by Kineya Shjir III.


The original drama "Hj Kudai Meika no Isaoshi" was in 3 acts. Only the first act survived and was entitled "Takatoki".

Key words Katsureki
Shin Kabuki Jhachiban

"Takatoki" is not a dance play really, although every opportunity is taken to introduce dance passages into it. It concerns Lord Takatoki, a man noted for his ruthlessness and selfish pride. His pet dog bites an old woman outside his mansion one day, and her samurai son Adachi Saburo, appearing on the scene, slays the dog. Takatoki, in a furious rage, orders him to be taken prisoner and executed. The advisers of Takatoki prevail upon him to pardon his captive; he reluctantly agrees and calls for wine and his chief concubine to entertain him and help him to forget his displeasure. While she and her handmaids are dancing, the mansion is plunged into darkness and a fierce storm breaks out; the women retire.

A number of long-nosed goblins then appear one by one before the pensive Takatoki. There is some wild dancing in which Takatoki is eventually compelled to join; his strange companions proceed to kick him, pummel him and toss him from one to the other until finally he is left unconscious on the ground. The concubines and attendants rush in with lights and revive their master, whose pride has been humbled. The mocking laughter of the goblins is heard in the distance as Takatoki strikes a pose and the curtain is drawn.

Source: A. C. Scott

Ichikawa Danjr IX (middle) and his disciples Ichikawa Saruz III (left/bottom), Ichikawa Somegor IV (left/top) and Ichikawa Shinjr III (right) playing the role of Hj Takatoki and the group of tengu in the drama "Hj Kudai Meika no Isaoshi", which was staged in November 1902 at the Kabukiza (print made by Kchr Hsai)

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