Stage names:

Tamon Sh˘zaemon I In Japanese

Line number: SHODAI (I)

Existence: ???


Before 1641: born in Ky˘to. He started to perform in Wakashű Kabuki (Boy Kabuki).

8th lunar month of 1641: Sh˘zaemon settled in Edo and performed at the Nakamuraza.

7th lunar month of 1652: Wakashű Kabuki (Boy Kabuki) performances were forbidden by the Shogunal authorities.

3rd lunar month of 1653: Yar˘ Kabuki ('Adult Kabuki') performances were authorized by the Shogunal authorities.

4th lunar month of 1663: Sh˘zaemon, along with Ukon Genzaemon, Komai Sh˘zaemon and Sait˘ Yogor˘, was invited to perform at the Edo mansion of the daimy˘ Matsudaira Yamato-no-Kami (the kami of the Yamato province).

11th lunar month of 1663: Sh˘zaemon performed at the old Hinatadayűza in Edo, along with Komai Sh˘zaemon, Umeda Mon'ya and Takeda Sagami.

11th lunar month of 1665: Sh˘zaemon performed at the theater managed by Band˘ Matakur˘ I in Sakai-ch˘ in the dance-drama "Yakko Momijigari".

5th lunar month of 1666: Sh˘zaemon achieved a big success at the Ichimuraza by performing with Tamagawa Sennoj˘ I in the dance "Shinobi Guruma".

8th lunar month of 1666: Sh˘zaemon performed in Sakai-ch˘, along with Band˘ Matakur˘ I, Komai Sh˘zaemon, Tamagawa Shuzen I, Tamamura Kichiya, Imamura Kumenosuke, Dekishima Kozarashi I, Umeda Mon'ya, Hashimoto Senkatsu and others.

7th lunar month of 1671: Sh˘zaemon, along with Suzuki Heizaemon I, Murayama Gentar˘, Araki Buhŕ, Fujita Minanosuke, Nakajima Yaheita, Takemura Shichizaemon, Tamazaki Ichinoj˘, Nakamura Kindayű, Nakamura Sanzabur˘ and others, was invited to perform at the Edo mansion of the daimy˘ Matsudaira Yamato-no-Kami (the kami of the Yamato province).

3rd lunar month of 1678: Sh˘zaemon performed at the Nakamuraza.

1678: publication of the book "Kokon Yakusha Monogatari" ("Tales of Actors Past and Present"). Sh˘zaemon was depicted as performing a ropp˘ entitled "Yanaka Ropp˘".


Tamon Sh˘zaemon I was, along with actors like Ukon Genzaemon, Tamagawa Sennoj˘ I or Saruwaka Kanzabur˘, a tachiyaku actor who started in Wakashű Kabuki (Boy Kabuki) and ended his career in Yar˘ Kabuki ('Adult Kabuki'). He most likely died at the beginning of the Tenna era. He often played ky˘kaku roles on Kabuki stages and was a pioneer in ropp˘ in the tanzen style. He had a love affair with a samurai, which ended tragically for his lover (more on the dark side of Kabuki).

Tamon Sh˘zaemon I in an ilustration from the book "Kokon Shibai Irokurabe Hyakunin Isshu" (1st lunar month of 1693)

The Tamon Sh˘zaemon line of actors

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