Sawamura Genpei I

Suketakaya Takasuke III held the name of Sawamura Genpei I from the 11th lunar month of 1807 to the 10th lunar month of 1817.

Sawamura Genpei I (right), with his adoptive father Sawamura Sjr IV (left), in a print made by Utagawa Kunimaru

Sawamura Genpei II

The actor Suketakaya Takasuke IV held the name of Sawamura Genpei II from the 11th lunar month of 1842 to the 12th lunar month of 1854.

Onoe Baik IV and Sawamura Genpei II playing the roles of Kagaribi and Koshir in the drama "mi Genji Senjin Yakata", which was staged in the 3rd lunar month of 1851 at the Kawarasakiza (print made by Utagawa Toyokuni III)

Sawamura Genpei III
Sawamura Genpei III  In Japanese

Born in 1869. He was the adopted son of the actor Sawamura Tossh II and received the name of Sawamura Genpei III at an unknown date. He played children roles for a few years, like Masaoka's son Chiyomatsu in the drama "Hototogisu Date no Kikigaki", whose plots and characters belong to the "Meiboku Sendai Hagi" world and which was staged at the Shintomiza in June 1876 (the role of Masaoka was played by his adoptive father). He died the 13th of April 1881.

Sawamura Genpei III in a print made by Utagawa Kunimasa IV in February 1886

Sawamura Genpei IV

The actor Sawamura Sjr VII held the name of Sawamura Genpei IV from November 1881 to December 1892.

Sawamura Genpei IV playing the role of Shinobu in the drama "Go Taiheiki Shiraishi Banashi", which was staged in February 1888 at the Azumaza (print made by Toyohara Kunichika)

Sawamura Genpei V

The actor Sawamura Sjr VIII held the name of Sawamura Genpei V from November 1913 to March 1926.

Sawamura Genpei V playing the role of a kamuro in the dance-drama "Modori Kago Iro ni Aikata", which was staged in July 1924 at the Daikokuza

Sawamura Genpei VI

The actor Sawamura Sjr IX held the name of Sawamura Genpei VI from May 1941 to August 1953.

Sawamura Genpei VI playing the role of Tarokichi in the drama "Sanemori Monogatari", which was staged in December 1942 at the Kabukiza

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