Stage names:

Morita Kan'ya XIV In Japanese
Band˘ Shűka III In Japanese
Band˘ Tamasabur˘ IV In Japanese

Real name: Morita Yoshiyuki

Guild: Kinojiya

Line number: J█YONDAIME (XIV)

Existence: 8 March 1907 ~ 28 March 1975


Grandfather: Morita Kan'ya XII

Adoptive father: Morita Kan'ya XIII

Son: Morita Kin'ya

Adopted son: Band˘ Tamasabur˘ V


July 1914: he made his first appearance on stage, at the Kabukiza, where he received the name of Band˘ Tamasabur˘ IV and performed in the drama "Tengajaya".

January 1926: Band˘ Tamasabur˘ IV took the name of Band˘ Shűka III at the Imperial Theater, playing the role of Ushiwakamaru in the dance "Kuramayama".

June 1929: premiere at the Imperial Theater of Tsubouchi Sh˘y˘'s dance-drama "Ry˘kan to Komori" [more details]; Shűka played the role of the komori.

16 June 1932: his adoptive father Morita Kan'ya XIII died.

1932 ~ 1937: he was a regular member of a troupe of young actors, called Seinen Kabuki, which performed at the Shinjuku Daiichi Gekij˘.

January 1935: Band˘ Shűka III took the name of Morita Kan'ya XIV at the Kabukiza, playing the role of Konishi Yukinaga in the drama "Mikka Taiheiki".

1947 ~ 1953: Kan'ya spent a lot of time in the cinema world, acting in movies like It˘ Daisuke's "Sur˘nin Makarit˘ru" (1947), "Otomi to Yosabur˘" (a movie adaptation of the Kabuki drama "Kirare Yosa") and Nakagawa Nobuo's "Edo no Hanamichi" (1953).

July 1953: revival at the Meijiza of Kawatake Shinshichi III's 1878 drama "Tsűzoku Saiyűki"; Kan'ya played the role of Chohakkai [casting].

July 1954: revival at the Kabukiza of the dance-drama "Oshidori" as part of a regular Kabuki program; Kan'ya played the role of Matano Gor˘ Kagehisa [more details].

February 1955: Izumi Ky˘ka's drama "Tenshu Monogatari" was staged for the first time with Kabuki actors, at the Kabukiza; Kan'ya played the role of Zushonosuke [casting].

July 1956: revival at the Kabukiza of Tsuruya Nanboku IV's drama "Sumidagawa Hana no Goshozome", commonly called "Onna Seigen"; Kan'ya played the role of Yoshida Matsuwakamaru [more details].

March 1959: revival at the Meijiza of the dance-drama "Kumo no Ito Oyozume Banashi"; Kan'ya played the role of Usui Sadamitsu [more details].

January 1960: premiere (or revival?) at the Kabukiza of the dance "Kuruwa Sanbas˘"; Kan'ya played the role of the taiko mochi T˘chű [casting].

February 1960: premiere at the Kabukiza of Uno Nobuo's drama "Shiranui Kengy˘"; Kan'ya played the role of Kurakichi, later K˘kichi [casting].

November 1961: premiere in Kabuki at the ďsaka Shinkabukiza of H˘j˘ Hideji's drama "Korikori Banashi"; Kan'ya played the role of Inosuke [casting].

November 1962: revival at the Kabukiza of the drama "Fud˘", which belonged to the Kabuki Jűhachiban; Kan'ya played the roles of Sakuramachi Kiyofusa and Fud˘ My˘˘ [more details].

December 1965: Kan'ya and his adopted son Band˘ Tamasabur˘ V achieved a great success at the Kabukiza by playing the roles of Tonase and her daughter Konami in the michiyuki "Michiyuki Tabiji no Yomeiri".

December 1966: second month of the opening ceremony of the National Theatre with the full length performance of the classic "Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami"; Kan'ya played the role of Takebe Genz˘ [casting].

January 1967: revival at the National Theatre of "Narukami Fud˘ Kitayama Zakura"; Kan'ya played the role of Hayakumo no ďji [casting].

March 1967: revival at the National Theatre of Tsuruya Nanboku IV's masterpiece "Sakura Hime Azuma Bunsh˘", which was supervised by Gunji Masakatsu; Kan'ya played the role of the priest Seigen [casting].

May 1968: revival at the National Theatre of "Ura Omote Sendai Hagi"; Kan'ya played the role of Hosokawa Katsumoto [casting].

April 1971: revival at the National Theatre of Nagawa Shimesuke I's drama "Sumidagawa Gonichi no Omokage"; Kan'ya played the role of Jinzabur˘ [casting].

December 1974: Kan'ya appeared on stage in T˘ky˘ for the last time, playing the role of Yuranosuke in the 9th act of the classic "Kanadehon Chűshingura", which was staged at the National Theatre.

January 1975: Kan'ya appeared on stage for the last time, in Nagoya at the Chűnichi Theatre, where he played the role of Matsuura Shizunobu in the drama "Matsuura no Taiko".

28 March 1975: Kan'ya died.


Morita Kan'ya XIV was a talented tachiyaku actor, excelling in nimaime roles and who was deeply influenced by the pre-WW2 star Ichimura Uzaemon XV. Instead of the usual kata deviced by Onoe Kikugor˘ VI for the roles of Sanemori ("Sanemori Monogatari") or Benten Koz˘ ("Shiranami Gonin Otoko"), he preferred to use Ichimura Uzaemon XV's ones and, therefore, helped to their preservation. He was able to play a broad range of roles: if we take the example of the classic "Kanadehon Chűshingura", he had the opportunity to play during his career the roles of En'ya Hangan (act I), K˘ no Moron˘ (act I), Momonoi Wakasanosuke (act III), Hayano Kanpei ("Ochiudo", act V, act VI), Bannai ("Ochiudo"), Sadakur˘ (act V), Fuwa kazuemon (act VI), Senzaki Yagor˘ (act VI), Teraoka Heiemon (act VII), Tonase (act VIII), Kakogawa Honz˘ (act IX), Yuranosuke (act IX) or Hattori Itsur˘ (act XI). At the end of his career, he often took part in rare revivals produced at the National Theatre.

Morita Kan'ya XIV's best roles: Kataoka Naojir˘ ("Naozamurai"), Sakuramaru ("Ga no Iwai"), Yosabur˘ ("Kirare Yosa"), Einoj˘ ("Kagotsurube"), Yoemon ("Kasane"), Hayase Iori ("Tengajaya").

Morita Kan'ya XIV playing the role of Tadanobu in the dance "Yoshinoyama" (print made by Natori Shunsen in 1952)

The Morita Kan'ya line of actors and theater managers

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