Kataoka Tjr I
Kataoka Tjr I  In Japanese

Dates of birth and death unknown. Most likely a disciple of Kataoka Gad II. Several performances of this minor supporting actor were recorded at the beginning of the 1840s.

The name of Kataoka Tjr I in the 1842 Kyto hybanki (the zone within the red box)

Kataoka Tjr II
Kataoka Tjr II  In Japanese | Kataoka Hidez  In Japanese | Jitsukawa Konobu  In Japanese

Born in 1859. He started his career in 1864 as a disciple of Jitsukawa Entar I, who gave him the name of Jitsukawa Konobu. He left the Jitsukawa clan for the Kataoka clan, becoming a disciple of Kataoka Hidetar I in 1867 and receiving the name of Kataoka Hidez. He settled in Tky with his master and took the name of Kataoka Tjr II around 1874. This minor dkegata actor appeared on stage for the last time in May 1907 in saka at the Kadoza and he died the 19th of January 1908.

Yag Honmy
Matsushimaya Sakamoto Konobu
Kataoka Tjr III
Kataoka Tjr III  In Japanese | Kataoka Hideroku  In Japanese | Kataoka Hikotar  In Japanese

Born in Kyto the 18th of March 1939. He started his career in 1953 as a disciple of Kataoka Nizaemon XIII, who gave him the name of Kataoka Hikotar. He appeared on stage for the first time (hatsubutai) in April 1953, in Kbe at the Yachiyo Gekij, where he played a child role in the drama "Terakoya". He received the name of Kataoka Hideroku in March 1963 and he became nadai in April 1973. He took the name of Kataoka Tjr III in January 1981 at the Nakaza, where he performed supporting roles in "Shunkan", "Jiisan Baasan" and "Kanjinch". This supporting tachiyaku actor is also the best tateshi of the Kataoka clan. He is outstanding in teahouse owner roles in Kamigata dramas.

Yag Honmy
Matsutsuruya Miyazuka Hiroshi
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