Bandô Matazaemon I
Bandô Matazaemon I  In Japanese | Bandô Matajirô I  In Japanese

Dates of birth and death unknown. Elder son of the dôkegata Bandô Matakurô I, he did his training with his father, who gave him the name of Bandô Matajirô I at an unknown date. He performed in the troupe of his father and joined several times the performers who went to to play at the mansion of the daimyô Matsudaira Yamato-no-Kami. His forte was comical hyôshimai. He took the name of Bandô Matazaemon I at the end of his career. He most likely died at the beginning of the Genroku era. He fathered three sons, who all became talented actors or theater managers: Bandô Matatarô I, Bandô Matakurô II and Bandô Matakurô III.

Bandô Matazaemon II

The zamoto Bandô Matakurô II held the name of Bandô Matazaemon II from the 11th lunar month of 1699 to 1700, then from Spring 1712 to Spring 1722.

The name of Bandô Matazaemon II in a 1720 Edo hyôbanki (within the red shape); all the names were the zamoto at the Nakamuraza, Ichimuraza and Moritaza

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