Stage names:

Bandô Matakurô II
Bandô Matazaemon II
Morita Kan'ya II
Bandô Fukutarô
Bandô Matakichi

Line number: NIDAIME (II)

Existence: ??? ~ 19th day of the 6th lunar month of 1734


Grandfather: Bandô Matakurô I

Father: Bandô Matajirô I (Bandô Matazaemon I)

Father-in-law: Fujikawa Buzaemon I

Uncle: Morita Kan'ya I

Brothers: Bandô Matatarô I, Bandô Matakurô III

Sons: Fujikawa Heikurô, Morita Kan'ya IV

Son-in-law: Bandô Kunigorô I

Grandsons: Fujikawa Hachizô I, Fujikawa Tôkurô, Fujikawa Kamenoi


???: date of birth in Edo unknown. His father Bandô Matajirô I gives him the name of Bandô Matakichi. Later on, he receives the name of Bandô Fukutarô.

25th day of the 2nd lunar month of 1679: his uncle Morita Kan'ya I dies.

Spring 1679: Bandô Fukutarô takes the name of Morita Kan'ya II and becomes the new zamoto of the Moritaza.

26th day of the 12th lunar month of 1695: a fire breaks out in the district of Sukiyabashi and burns down the Moritaza.

11th lunar month of 1699: Morita Kan'ya II and Bandô Matajirô II respectively take the names of Bandô Matazaemon II and Morita Kan'ya III.

1700: Bandô Matazaemon II takes the name of Bandô Matakurô II.

28th day of the 2nd lunar month of 1704: his brother Bandô Matatarô I dies.

Spring 1712: Morita Kan'ya III, Bandô Matajirô IV and Bandô Matakurô II respectively take the names of Bandô Matakurô III, Morita Kan'ya IV and Bandô Matazaemon II.

24th day of the 2nd lunar month of 1722: his brother Bandô Matakurô III dies.

Spring 1722: Bandô Matazaemon II takes back the name of Bandô Matakurô II.

19th day of the 6th lunar month of 1734: Matakurô dies.


Bandô Matakurô II was both an actor and a theater manager. He was mainly a tachiyaku and a dôkegata, excelling in dances and yatsushigoto. He was the official zamoto of the Moritaza from 1679 to 1699. He stopped acting at the beginning of the twenties of the eighteenth century but kept on helping managing the Moritaza.

The actors Bandô Matakurô II and Tomizawa Hanzaburô I in a print made by Okumura Masanobu around 1711

The Morita Kan'ya line of actors and theater managers

The Bandô Matakurô line of actors and theater managers

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