Stage names:

Kataoka Ichiz˘ VI In Japanese
Kataoka Jűz˘ VI In Japanese
Kataoka K˘ichi In Japanese

Real name: Kataoka K˘ichi

Nickname: Kataichi

Guild: Matsushimaya

Line number: ROKUDAIME (VI)

Birthday: 12 December 1958


Grandfather: Kataoka Ichiz˘ IV

Father: Kataoka Ichiz˘ V

Brother: Kataoka Kamez˘ IV


April 1962: he makes his first appearance on stage, at the Kabukiza, playing under his real name the role of a kamuro in the draa "Sukeroku".

November 1969: Kataoka K˘ichi takes the name of Kataoka Jűz˘ VI at the Kabukiza, playing the roles of Otowaka and Kinta in the dance-drama "Kanjinch˘" and the play "Sukeroku".

May 1985: Jűz˘ becomes nadai and plays the role of Kajiwara in the drama "Uir˘ Uri", which is staged at the Kabukiza.

June 1991: his father Kataoka Ichiz˘ V dies.

May 2003: Kataoka Jűz˘ VI takes at the Kabukiza the name of Kataoka Ichiz˘ VI by playing the roles of Senoo Jűr˘, Danjűr˘'s stage assistant and a bonze in the dramas "Sanemori Monogatari", "Shibaraku" and "Kappore".

October 2004: tour in Paris (France); Ichiz˘ plays at the ThÚÔtre de Chaillot the roles of Sakata Genzabur˘ and the Minister in the drama "Toribeyama Shinjű" and the dance "Kagami Jishi", which celebrate the shűmei in Paris of Ichikawa Ebiz˘ XI [more details].

March 2007: tour in Paris (France); Ichiz˘ plays at the Palais Garnier the roles of Suruga Jir˘ and Iwahashi in the dance-dramas "Kanjinch˘" and "Momijigari", which celebrate the Ichikawa clan [more details].

January 2008: revival at the Shinbashi Enbuj˘ of "Narukami Fud˘ Kitayama Zakura", which celebrates the 1070th anniversary of the Narita-san Temple, where the Deity Fud˘ My˘˘ is worshipped; Ichiz˘ plays the roles of the kar˘ Yatsurugi Genba and Kokuunb˘ (the Buddhist monk black cloud) [casting].

January 2009: revival at the National Theatre of "Z˘hiki", a bombastic play in the aragoto style which belongs to the Kabuki Jűhachiban; Ichiz˘ plays the role of Horikawa Kageyu [casting].

September 2009: short Kabuki tour in Monaco for the Naritaya guild; Ichiz˘ plays the roles of Gozaemon and the bonze Kokuunb˘ in the dance-drama "Kagami Jishi" and the drama "Narukami" [more details].

June 2010: Kabuki tour in Western Europe, in London at the Sadler's Wells (4~15 June) and in Roma at the Teatro di Roma-Argentina (21~22 June); Ichiz˘ plays the role of Kawatsura H˘gen [more details].

October 2014: the October Grand Kabuki at the Kabukiza commemorates the 26th anniversary (27th memorial service) and the 2nd anniversary (3rd memorial service) of late Nakamura Kanzabur˘ XVII and late Nakamura Kanzabur˘ XVIII [more details].


Kataoka Ichiz˘ VI is a talented and promising supporting tachiyaku actor. His official website is kataichi.com

Kataoka Ichiz˘ VI playing the role of Yazaemon in the drama "Sushiya" (illustration courtesy of RANCHUROW (2010) all rights reserved)

The Kataoka Jűz˘ line of actors

The Kataoka Ichiz˘ line of actors

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