Stage names:

Nakamura Jusabur˘ III In Japanese
Ichikawa Beish˘ I In Japanese
Ichikawa Yonez˘ IV [1] In Japanese

Real name: Nakamura Kinosuke

Guild: Nakamuraya [6], Kashiwaya [6], Wakamatsuya [6], Takashimaya [7]

Line number: SANDAIME (III)

Poetry name: Sh˘kaku [6], Sh˘ch˘ [6], Beish˘ [7]

Existence: 1839 ~ 31 August 1896


Masters: Nakamura Kanzabur˘ XIII [3] (or Nakamura Nakaz˘ III [4]?), Ichikawa Kodanji IV

Brothers: Ichikawa Sadanji I, Ichikawa Arajir˘ I

Adopted son: Nakamura Tsurumatsu

Disciple: Nakamura Hisashi


1839: born in ďsaka. His father Nakamura Seikichi was a theater hair-dresser in ďsaka.

K˘ka era: he started his career in ďsaka as a disciple of Ichikawa Kodanji IV and his first stage name was Ichikawa Yonez˘ IV.

1866: he settled in Edo.

8th lunar month of 1866: Ichikawa Yonez˘ IV took the name of Ichikawa Beish˘ I [2] at the Nakamuraza, playing the roles of ďwashi Bungo and Sukune Tar˘ in the dramas "Kanadehon Chűshingura" and "Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami".

2nd lunar month of 1867: Beish˘ played at the Nakamuraza the roles of Anzaki Motome and the otokodate Takasago Hanbŕ in the new year drama "Gohiiki Soga Ichiza no Sakigake", which welcomed in Edo the actors Ichikawa Aragor˘ III, Arashi Rikaku III and Arashi Eizabur˘.

1st lunar month of 1871: he became a disciple of Nakamura Kanzabur˘ XIII [3] (or Nakamura Nakaz˘ III [4]?) and he took the name of Nakamura Jusabur˘ III [5] at the Nakamuraza, performing in "Shin Kuruwa Nanakusa Monpi", "Honch˘ Shiito no Nejime" and "Eky˘dai Haru no Nishiki".

February 1873: Jusabur˘ performed at the Nakamuraza in the new year drama "Miyo no Haru Yorokobi Soga".

March 1890: premiere at the Kiriza of Takeshiba Kisui's drama "Kami no Megumi Wag˘ no Torikumi"; Jusabur˘ played the role of the tobi Yasuke [more details].

October 1895: Jusabur˘ appeared on stage for the last time, in T˘ky˘ at the Meijiza.

31st of August 1896: suffering from the spinal cord disease, Jusabur˘ died in T˘ky˘ at his home in the district of Ky˘bashi Irifune-ch˘.


Nakamura Jusabur˘ III was a supporting actor, who was born and trained in ďsaka and was active in Edo/T˘ky˘ for 30 years from 1866 to 1896. He was able to perform a wide range of roles, either male or female roles. During the 1870s, he did not achieve any huge success but his performances were appreciated by connoisseurs, notably in the roles of Yaoya Oshichi or Ofune in "Yaguchi no Watashi". His art matured in his latter years.

[1] Ichikawa Yonez˘ III in Nojima Jusabur˘'s book "Kabuki Jinmei Jiten" and Ichikawa Yonez˘ II in "Kabuki Haiyű Meiseki Benran". In the latter book, it was also reported that he held the name of Ichikawa Kodanji from the 1st to the 2nd lunar months of 1869 and the name of Ichikawa K˘danji from the 3rd lunar month of 1869 to the 12th lunar month of 1870. In the Ritsumeikan University Actors Database, this Ichikawa K˘danji was listed as a different actor. We've decided to stay in line with this database.

[2] Beish˘ was the haimy˘ of Ichikawa Kodanji IV.

[3] According to Nojima Jusabur˘'s book "Kabuki Jinmei Jiten".

[4] According to "Kabuki Haiyű Meiseki Benran".

[5] In Nojima Jusabur˘'s book "Kabuki Jinmei Jiten", it was reported that he took the name of Nakamura Jusabur˘ III in February 1873. This was a mistake.

[6] Used when he was a Nakamura actor.

[7] Used when he was an Ichikawa actor.

Nakamura Jusabur˘ III playing the role of Yamada Umon in the drama "Shin Kuruwa Nanakusa Monpi", which was staged in the 1st lunar month of 1871 at the Nakamuraza (print made by Toyohara Kunichika)

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The Ichikawa Yonez˘ line of actors

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The Nakamura Jusabur˘ line of actors

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