Stage names:

Onoe Kur˘emon II
Onoe Ukon I

Real name: Terashima Kiyoaki

Guild: Otowaya

Line number: NIDAIME (II)

Existence: 22 January 1922 ~ 28 March 2004


Great-great-grandfathers: Onoe Kikugor˘ III, Ichimura Uzaemon XI

Great-grandfather: Ichimura Takenoj˘ V

Grandfather: Onoe Kikugor˘ V

Father: Onoe Kikugor˘ VI


May 1926: he makes his first stage appearance, at the Ichimuraza, where he receives the name of Onoe Ukon I and plays in the drama "Sukeroku".

October 1940: Ukon becomes nadai and takes the name of Onoe Kur˘emon II at the Kabukiza, playing the bombastic role of Soga Gor˘ Tokimune in the drama "Kotobuki Soga no Taimen".

July 1949: his father Onoe Kikugor˘ VI dies; the Onoe Kikugor˘ Gekidan troupe is created and Kur˘emon becomes its administrator.

March 1951 ~ May 1953: first long stay in the USA.

1954 ~ 1956: Kur˘emon plays in the series of movies depicting the life and deeds of the hero Miyamoto Musashi. The 3 movies are "The legend of Musashi" (1954), "Duel at Ichij˘ji Temple" (1955) and "Duel on Ganryű Island" (1956).

June ~ July 1960: Kur˘emon takes part in the first Kabuki tour in the USA [more details].

November 1962: revival at the Kabukiza of the drama "Fud˘", which belongs to the Kabuki Jűhachiban; Kur˘emon plays the role of the kar˘ Hata no Minbu [more details].

June 1963: premiere at the Kabukiza of Hagiwara Yukio's Nagauta-based dance-drama "ďeyama Shuten D˘ji"; Kur˘emon plays the role of Hirai Yasumasa [casting].

October 1963: Kur˘emon settles in Hawai and becomes teacher at the University of Hawai.

28 March 2004: Kur˘emon dies in Hawai.


Onoe Kur˘emon II made a short career as a Kabuki actor in Japan but spent most of his life in Hawai and in the USA, teaching and promoting Kabuki. Although he was not as talented as his father and grandfather, he was a good aragotoshi.

The Onoe Ukon line of actors

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