Suketakaya Takasuke I

The actor Suketakaya Takasuke I held this name from the 11th lunar month of 1753 to the 1st lunar month of 1756.

Suketakaya Takasuke I playing the role of Ky no Jir in the new year sogamono "Sono Sugata Ariake Soga", which was staged at the Moritaza in the 1st lunar month of 1755

Suketakaya Takasuke II

The actor Suketakaya Takasuke II held this name from the 11th lunar month of 1804 to 1806, then from 1808 to the 12th lunar month of 1818.

Suketakaya Takasuke II playing the role of Yamazakiya Yojibei in the drama "Dekiaki Yawata Matsuri", which was staged in the 8th lunar month of 1810 at the Ichimuraza (print made by Utagawa Toyokuni I)

Suketakaya Takasuke III
  The actor Suketakaya Takasuke III held this name from the 10th lunar month of 1852 to the 11th lunar month of 1853.

Suketakaya Takasuke III portraying the otokodate Ume no Yoshib in a print made by Utagawa Hiroshige in the 12th lunar month of 1852

Suketakaya Takasuke IV

The actor Suketakaya Takasuke IV held this name from May 1879 to February 1886.

Suketakaya Takasuke IV portraying Sakuramaru in the play "Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami" in a print made by Toyohara Kunichika in August 1885

Suketakaya Takasuke V
Suketakaya Takasuke V  In Japanese | Suketakaya Takamaru  In Japanese | Sawamura Takamaru  In Japanese

Born the 21 March 1900 in Asakusa. He was the eldest son of the great actor Sawamura Sjr VII. He made his first stage appearance in January 1905, at the Kabukiza, where he received the name of Sawamura Takamaru. Later on, he became Suketakaya Takamaru. He took the name of Suketakaya Takasuke V in January 1920 at the Imperial Theater, performing in the dance "Kusazuribiki". He was a supporting actor during all his career, performing mainly sanmaime roles. He was often sick and seldom appeared on stage in his later years. He died the 30 August 1962.

Yag Honmy
Kinokuniya Sawamura Noboru

Suketakaya Takasuke V playing the role of Matsunaga Kitta in the drama "Kinkakuji", which was staged in January 1929 at the Imperial Theater

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