Stage name:

Onoe Maholo In Japanese

Real name: Terajima Maholo

Guild: Otowaya

Birthday: 11 September 2012


Great-grandfather: Onoe Baik˘ VII

Grandfather: Onoe Kikugor˘ VII


11 September 2012: born in T˘ky˘. Son of the actress Terajima Shinobu and the Art Director Laurent Ghnassia.

May 2017: first stage appearance (omemie), in T˘ky˘ at the Kabukiza, where he played the role of the decchi Yokichi in the drama "Sakanaya S˘gor˘" [1]; the role of the sakanaya S˘gor˘ was played by Maholo's grandfather Onoe Kikugor˘ VII.

May 2018: Maholo played at the Kabukiza the role of the decchi Ch˘matsu in the drama "Benten Musume Meo no Shiranami".

January 2019: revival at the National Theatre of Namiki Gohei I's 1779 drama "Sode Nikki Banshű Meguri"; this Otowaya-powered revision was entitled "Himeji-j˘ Oto-ni Kiku Sono Ishizue"; Maholo played the role of Kojor˘'s son Fukuju [casting | more details].

March 2019: Maholo played at the Kabukiza the role of Moritsuna's son Kosabur˘ in the drama "Moritsuna Jin'ya"; the role of Sasaki Moritsuna was played by Kataoka Nizaemon XV.

April 2019: Maholo played at the Kabukiza the role of Tarokichi in the drama "Sanemori Monogatari"; the role of Sait˘ Bett˘ Sanemori was played by Kataoka Nizaemon XV.

May 2021: Maholo played at the Kabukiza the role of the sword-holder Otowaka in the dance-drama "Tsuchi-gumo".

March 2022: Maholo played at the Kabukiza the role of the decchi Ch˘kichi in the drama "Shibahama no Kawazaifu".

May 2023: debut on stage (hatsubutai) at the Kabukiza, where he received the name of Onoe Maholo and played the role of Iwami Jűtar˘ in "Oto-ni Kiku Makoto no Wakamusha".


Onoe Maholo is a young actor of the Otowaya guild. He is the second Kabuki actor in Kabuki history to have roots in Japan and France. The first one was the stage giant Ichimura Uzaemon XV, whose father was also a Frenchman.

[1] This drama was staged within a special program celebrating an important 3-generation shűmei for the Band˘ branch of the Otowaya guild: Band˘ Hikosabur˘ VIII, his two sons Band˘ Kamesabur˘ V and Band˘ Kametoshi respectively took the names of Band˘ Rakuzen, Band˘ Hikosabur˘ IX and Band˘ Kamez˘ III. Band˘ Kamesabur˘'s son Band˘ Yűta made also his hatsubutai and received the name of Band˘ Kamesabur˘ VI. Moreover, the 22nd and 16th anniversaries (23rd and 17th memorial services) of the passing away of Maholo's great-grandfather Onoe Baik˘ VII and Ichimura Uzaemon XVII were commemorated.

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