Stage names:

Nakamura Toranosuke In Japanese

Real name: Hayashi Toranosuke

Guild: Narikomaya

Birthday: 8 January 1998


Great-great-great-grandfather: Nakamura Kanjaku III

Great-great-grandfather: Nakamura Ganjir˘ I

Great-grandfather: Nakamura Ganjir˘ II

Grandfather: Sakata T˘jűr˘ IV (Nakamura Ganjir˘ III)

Father: Nakamura Senjaku III


November 2001: first stage appearance (omemie) in T˘ky˘ at the Kabukiza, where he plays the role of Mitsumaru in the drama "Nigatsud˘".

January 2004: first stage appearance (omemie) in ďsaka at the Sh˘chikuza, where he plays the role of a little monkey in the dance-drama "Utsubo Zaru".

January 2006: debut on stage (hatsubutai) in T˘ky˘ at the Kabukiza, where the shűmei of his grandfather Sakata T˘jűr˘ IV is celebrated; he receives the name of Nakamura Toranosuke, playing the role of Masaoka's son Senmatsu in the drama "Meiboku Sendai Hagi"; the role of Masaoka is played by his grandfather Sakata T˘jűr˘.


Nakamura Toranosuke is a promising young actor of the Narikomaya guild.

The mon of Nakamura Toranosuke

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