Pen/stage name:

Sawamura Bunji In Japanese

Existence: ???


Master: Sawamura Ch˘jűr˘ I


Before 1721: he starts his career as unknown times as a disciple of Sawamura Ch˘jűr˘ I; he performs minor roles as a tachiyaku.

6th lunar month of 1721: Bunji becomes sakusha and works in Ky˘to on the drama "Keisei Asahi no Taki".

2nd lunar month of 1728: Bunji works at Miyako Mandayű's theater on the ni-no-kawari drama "Keisei Makura Kagami", which stars Segawa Kikunoj˘ I in a mugen no kane scene.

11th lunar month of 1730: Bunji works at Hayagumo Ch˘dayű's theater on the kaomise drama "Inari Yakata Manp˘ no Kura", which is produced by Arashi Koroku I.

11th lunar month of 1731: Bunji works at Hayagumo Ch˘dayű's theater on the kaomise drama "Asahi no Ichikura Eig˘ Seki".

11th lunar month of 1734: Bunji works at Miyako Mandayű's theater, along with Iwai Izaemon and Tomimura Takichi, Tomijűr˘ on the kaomise drama "Tomi Yakata Kogane no Yaguruma", which is produced by Nakamura Tomijűr˘ I.

Fall 1736: Bunji goes to ďsaka.

11th lunar month of 1736: Bunji works at the Naka no Shibai on the kaomise drama "Fur˘mon Kon no Shikigawara", which is produced by Nakayama Shinkur˘ I and stars Arashi San'emon III, Arashi Sanjűr˘ II, Sanogawa Hanazuma I, Yamashita Matatar˘ I, Nakamura Jűz˘ I and Fujikawa Heikur˘.

11th lunar month of 1742: Bunji works at the Naka no Shibai, along with the tatesakusha Namiki J˘suke, on the kaomise drama "Ukisuiwa Mukashi Kagami", which is produced by Anegawa Shinshir˘ I.

1st lunar month of 1743: the star Anegawa Shinshir˘ I produces Namiki J˘suke and Bunji new year drama "Kurofune Isse Ichidai Otoko"; some features used on stage become the latest fashion in the city of ďsaka, like the anegawa zukin (Anegawa's turban) or the anegawa geta (Anegawa's wooden clogs).

6st lunar month of 1743: Bunji works at the Naka no Shibai on the drama "Futatsu Ido Meimei Kagami". We don't know what happens to him afterwards for he disappears from the records.


Sawamura Bunji was a Kamigata sakusha, who was active from the beginning of the 1720s to the beginning of the 1740s. He worked on more than 30 dramas.

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