Stage names:

Ichikawa Udanji II
Ichikawa Unosuke I
It˘ Unosuke

Real name: Ichikawa Unosuke

Guild: Takashimaya

Line number: NIDAIME (II)

Poetry name: Kash˘

Existence: 30 January 1881 ~ 16 October 1936


Grandfather: Ichikawa Kodanji IV

Father: Ichikawa Sai'nyű

Son: Ichikawa Unosuke II

Grandson: Ichikawa Unosuke III

Disciple: Ichikawa Tsurunoj˘


30 January 1881: born in ďsaka in the district of Kasaya-ch˘.

November 1886: he starts his career as a child actor; his first stage name is It˘ Unosuke.

January 1902: It˘ Unosuke takes the name of Ichikawa Unosuke I (his real name).

January 1909: Ichikawa Udanji I and his son Ichikawa Unosuke I respectively take the names of Ichikawa Sai'nyű and Ichikawa Udanji II at the Kadoza.

September 1914: premiere at the Hong˘za of the drama "Waki Noboru Mizu-ni Koi Taki"; Udanji plays the role of Takimado Shiganosuke, in reality the spirit of a giant carp [casting].

June 1935: Udanji plays at the Naniwaza the roles of ďboshi Yuranosuke, Yoichibŕ and Sadakur˘ in the drama "Kanadehon Chűshingura".

January 1936: Udanji plays at the Nakaza the roles of Sagisaka Bannai, Rokuz˘ and Jűtar˘ in the drama "Kanadehon Chűshingura".

April 1936: Udanji appears on stage for the last time, playing at the Nakaza the role of Sakanaya S˘ji in the drama "Higo no Komageta"; his main stage partners are Band˘ Jusabur˘ III and Nakamura Kaisha.

Fall 1936: Udanji falls ill.

16 October 1936: Udanji dies.


Ichikawa Udanji II was a Kamigata actor, who followed in the footsteps of his father, excelling in hayagawari and keren, like the koi tsukami scene, the chűnori in a wicker basket for the robber Ishikawa Goemon, or the stage tricks of "Yotsuya Kaidan", "H˘kaib˘" or "Kohata Koheiji". He was also a talented dancer, especially in spectacular dances like "Ayatsuri Sanbas˘".

Ichikawa Udanji II

Print made by Utagawa Yoshiiku in 1893

The Ichikawa Udanji line of actors

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