Stage names:

Kataoka Gad˘ V In Japanese
Kataoka Roen V In Japanese
Kataoka Hitoshi In Japanese
Kataoka Hajime In Japanese

Others names:

Kataoka Nizaemon XIV In Japanese
Kataoka Gad˘ XIII In Japanese

Real name: Kataoka Hajime

Guild: Matsushimaya

Line number: GODAIME (V)

Existence: 6 July 1910 ~ 31 December 1993


Great-great-grandfather: Nakamura Karoku I

Great-grandfather: Kataoka Nizaemon VIII

Grand-father: Kataoka Nizaemon X

Father: Kataoka Nizaemon XII

Brothers: Ichimura Yoshigor˘ II, Kataoka Roen VI


November 1917: he made his first stage appearance, in ďsaka at the Nakaza, performing under his real name Kataoka Hajime.

1924: Kataoka Hajime took the name of Kataoka Hitoshi.

June 1934: Kataoka Hitoshi took the name of Kataoka Roen V at the Kabukiza. Roen was one of the haimy˘ used by the Kataoka Nizaemon line of actors and Kataoka Roen V was the first actor to use it as a stage name.

16 March 1946: his father Kataoka Nizaemon XII was assassinated by a robber in his T˘ky˘ home.

November 1952: premiere at the Kabukiza of Kema Nanboku's revision of Chikamatsu Monzaemon's drama "Daiky˘ji Mukashi Goyomi"; Roen played the role of Otama [casting].

July 1955: Kataoka Roen V took the name of Kataoka Gad˘ V at the Kabukiza, playing the roles of Okumi, Ofune and Tomojir˘'s spouse Onami in the dramas "Onb˘bori", "Shinrei Yaguchi no Watashi" and "Jűgoya Monogatari"; his stage partners in "Yaguchi no Watashi" were Ichikawa Ennosuke II (Tonbŕ), Kataoka Nizaemon XIII (Nitta Yoshimine), Ichikawa Danshir˘ III (Rokuz˘) and Sawamura Gennosuke V (Utena).

October 1955: first Kabuki tour in the Popular Republic of China, in Beijing (2~13 october), Shanghai (17~18 october) and Guangzhou (24~25 october); Gad˘ played the role of Otoku in the drama "Domo Mata" [more details]. Gad˘ had the opportunity to meet the stars of the Chinese Traditional Opera like the famous Mei Lan-Fang.

March 1956: Kataoka Gad˘ V and Kataoka Hidetar˘ II celebrated their shűmei in ďsaka at the ďsaka Kabukiza; the new Gad˘ played the roles of Ofune and the Kabuki actor Kirinami Senju in the dramas "Shinrei Yaguchi no Watashi" and "T˘jűr˘ no Koi"; his stage partners in "Yaguchi no Watashi" were Kataoka Nizaemon XIII (Nitta Yoshimine, Tonbŕ), Jitsukawa Enjir˘ II (Rokuz˘) and Arashi Hinasuke X (Utena).

January 1960: premiere (or revival?) at the Kabukiza of the dance "Kuruwa Sanbas˘"; Gad˘ played the role of the shinz˘ Umezato [casting].

February 1960: premiere at the Kabukiza of Uno Nobuo's drama "Shiranui Kengy˘"; Gad˘ played the role of Iwai's okugata Namie [casting].

April 1976: the National Theatre produced the revival in 5 acts and 9 scenes of Namiki Gohei I's drama "Kinmon Gosan no Kiri"; Gad˘ played the role of Kuretake [casting].

August 1980: revival at the National Theatre of Namiki Sh˘z˘ I's drama "Yadonashi Danshichi Shigure no Karakasa"; Gad˘ played the role of Jisuke's wife Okaji [casting].

January 1982: revival at the National Theatre of "Z˘hiki", a bombastic play in the aragoto style which belongs to the Kabuki Jűhachiban; Gad˘ played the role of the old woman Takekawa [casting].

November 1991: Gad˘ appeared on stage for the last time, at the Minamiza, where he played the role of Kawachiya Osh˘ in the drama "Kawash˘"; his stage partners were Nakamura Ganjir˘ III (Kamiya Jihŕ), Kataoka Hidetar˘ II (Kinokuniya Koharu) and Ichimura Uzaemon XVII (Magoemon).

31 December 1993: Gad˘ died.


Kataoka Gad˘ V was an excellent onnagata, trained in the Kamigata traditions, considering himself as the "real" Kataoka Nizaemon XIII. He posthumously received the name of Kataoka Nizaemon XIV in 1995.

There were two ways to "count" the Kataoka Gad˘ line of actor and, as a consequence, you may find Kataoka Gad˘ V referenced in some documents as the 13th of the line.

Kataoka Gad˘ V playing the role of Oen in the drama "Fűin Giri" in a print made by Tsuruya K˘kei in May 1986
Print courtesy of Castle Fine Arts, Inc. (all rights reserved)

The Kataoka Roen line of actors

The Kataoka Gad˘ line of actors

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