Somekawa Ub
Somekawa Ub  In Japanese

Dates of birth and death unknown. Disciple of Somekawa Jrob, he started his career at the beginning of the 1700s, performing as a wakaonnagata in saka. He played in saka in the 1st lunar month of 1702 a tsubone role in the new year drama "Keisei Meoto Ike". He became kashagata in 1709. Ub played in the 11th lunar month of 1731 at the Kado no Shibai the role of the Takasago kshitsu in the kaomise drama "Aioi Kikenj". His rank in the 1732 saka hybanki, kashagata section, was j-j (superior - superior) [visual]. No record afterwards.

Somekawa Ub playing the role of the Fujiwara kshitsu in the drama "Hako Denju Ise Monogatari", which was staged in the 3rd lunar month of 1711 in saka

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