Stage names:

Nakamura Tomijűr˘ III
Nakamura Umetar˘

Guild: Yawataya

Line number: SANDAIME (III)

Poetry name: Keishi

Blazon: Yattsu Yaguruma

Existence: 10th day of the 5th lunar month of 1859 ~ 21 February 1901


Master: Nakamura Tsurusuke V

Son: Ichikawa Dan'emon II

Great-grandson: Nakamura Nakaz˘ V


1859: born in ďsaka in the district of Kuzaemon-ch˘.

1866: he starts his career as a disciple of the actor Nakamura Tsurusuke V, the son of Nakamura Shikan III. He plays under the name of Nakamura Umetar˘ in a troupe of children-actors (kodomo shibai).

1st lunar month of 1872: Umetar˘ plays at the Tenma no Shibai (ďsaka) the role of the courtesan Yűgiri in the drama "Kuruwa Bunsh˘"; the role of Yűgiri's lover Fujiya Izaemon is played by Kataoka Hidetar˘.

7th lunar month of 1872: Umetar˘ plays at the Mitama no Shibai (ďsaka) the role of Somenoi in the drama "Tengajaya-mura".

September 1885: Umetar˘ and Nakamura Shikaku I go together to T˘ky˘ and join the Torikuma Shibai troupe at the Harukiza.

September 1885: Umetar˘ plays at the Harukiza in the drama "Ogasawara Shorei no Oku no Te".

June 1890: Umetar˘ plays at the Harukiza in the drama "Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura". The theater is suddenly burnt to ashes by a fire the 23rd of this month.

December 1891: Nakamura Umetar˘ takes the name of Nakamura Tomijűr˘ III at the newly-rebuilt Harukiza. This prestigious name has not been held since 2nd lunar month of 1855. The new Tomijűr˘ plays the role of Tokiwa Gozen in the drama "Fushimi no Tokiwa". His stage partners are Ichikawa Ennosuke I, Ichikawa Yaoz˘ VII, Nakamura Shikaku I, Nakamura Komanosuke VI, Azuma T˘z˘ VI, Nakamura Kangor˘ XII and Ichikawa Utasaku.

October 1894: Tomijűr˘ plays at the Harukiza the difficult role of Sodehagi in the drama "ďshű Adachi-ga-Hara". His stage partners are Ichikawa Kuz˘ III (Sadat˘), Ichikawa Yaoz˘ VII (Munet˘) and Ichikawa Kien (Yoshiie).

August 1897: tour in Kanazawa with Ichikawa Danz˘ VII; Tomijűr˘ plays the roles of Shizuka Gozen and Suke-no-Tsubone in the classic "Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura", which is staged at the Inariza.

January 1901: Tomijűr˘ appears on stage for the last time, at the Ichimuraza, where he plays in the drama "Miyo no Haru Sum˘ no Haregi".


Nakamura Tomijűr˘ III was an onnagata actor, who was trained in Kamigata and spent his best years in T˘ky˘ at the Harukiza. He was too tall for many onnagata roles and had to specialize in warriors' spouses roles in jidaimono. As far as art is concerned, he made no original contribution and did not perform the role of the shiraby˘shi Hanako in the dance "Musume D˘j˘ji", the emblematic role of the Nakamura Tomijűr˘ line of actors.

Nakamura Tomijűr˘ III

The Nakamura Tomijűr˘ line of actors

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