Stage names:

Matsumoto Kojir˘ II In Japanese
Nakajima Kanz˘ I In Japanese

Guilds: K˘raiya, Matsumotoya, Sh˘kakuya

Line number: NIDAIME (II)

Poetry name: Nansh˘

Existence: ??? ~ 19th day of the 1st lunar month of 1826 [1]


Masters: Matsumoto K˘shir˘ IV, Nakajima Kanzaemon III (?) [2]

Adopted son: Matsumoto Yonesabur˘ I


1778: most likely a disciple of Nakajima Kanzaemon III [2], he received the name of Nakajima Kanz˘ I and made his debut on stage at the Ichimuraza in the 2nd lunar month of 1778.

11th lunar month of 1794: he became a disciple of Matsumoto K˘shir˘ IV and took the name of Matsumoto Kojir˘ II at the Kawarasakiza, where he performed in the kaomise drama "Matsu no Misao Onna Kusunoki".

27th day of the 6th lunar month of 1802 [3]: his master Omegawa Ky˘jűr˘ (Matsumoto K˘shir˘ IV) died in Edo.

6th lunar month of 1809: premiere at the Moritaza of Katsu Hy˘z˘ I's drama "Okuni Gozen Kesh˘ no Sugatami"; Kojir˘ the roles of Suruga Zenji Hisakuni, Kasane's mother My˘rin and the waiting maid Takekawa [casting].

3rd lunar month of 1814: premiere at the Ichimuraza of Tsuruya Nanboku IV's drama "Sumidagawa Hana no Goshozome", commonly called "Onna Seigen"; Kojir˘ played the role of Kariganeya's young man Gonshichi [more details].

7th lunar month of 1814: premiere at the Ichimuraza of Tsuruya Nanboku IV's natsu ky˘gen "Imaori Hakata no Irifune"; Kojir˘ played the role of the Chinese emissary Chin Shir˘ [casting].

11th lunar month of 1825: Kojir˘ appeared on stage for the last time, at the Ichimuraza, where he played the role of Kawahisa Jir˘ in the drama "Azuma Dairi Kabuki no Sh˘gatsu".

19th day of the 1st lunar month of 1826 [1]: Kojir˘ died in Edo.


Matsumoto Kojir˘ II was active in Edo from the first half of the 1780s to the Bunsei era. He was a katakiyaku/jitsuaku supporting actor of the K˘raiya guild. In Nojima Jusabur˘'s book "Kabuki Jinmei Jiten", Matsumoto Kojir˘ I and Matsumoto Kojir˘ II were fused into one actor named Matsumoto Kojir˘, who was active from the beginning of the 1750s to 1826. We've decided to fix it and to record two different actors instead of one.

[1] The 19th day of the 1st lunar month of the 9th year of the Bunsei era was the 25th of February 1826 in the western calendar.

[2] Only our assumption. No proof so far.

[3] The 27th day of the 6th lunar month of the 2nd year of the Ky˘wa era was the 26th of July 1802 in the western calendar.

The actors Onoe Matsusuke I (top/left) as the ghost of the wet-nurse Iohata and Matsumoto Kojir˘ II as Mokuemon (bottom/right), in the play "Tokubei of India: Tales of Strange Lands (Tenjiku Tokubei ikoku banashi)"
Artist: Utagawa Toyokuni I
Date: 1799ľ1809
The Art Institute of Chicago (print in the public domain)

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