Stage names:

Asao Tamejűr˘ II In Japanese
Asao Okujir˘ I In Japanese

Other name:

Asao Okuyama II In Japanese

Guild: Zeniya

Poetry names: Okuyama (2), Sanshi

Line number: NIDAIME (II)

Existence: 1779 ~ 25th day of the 7th lunar month of 1806


Father: Asao Tamejűr˘ I


1785: he starts his career as a koyaku; his first stage name is Asao Okujir˘ I.

11th lunar month of 1791: Okujir˘ becomes zamoto and produces at the Kado no Shibai the kaomise drama "Keisei Shinobazu-ga-Ike". In the 12th lunar month, he produces in the same theater the drama "Hade Kurabe Ise Monogatari".

1795: Okujir˘ becomes tachiyaku.

1st lunar month of 1800: Okujir˘'s rank in the ďsaka hy˘banki, tachiyaku section, is j˘-j˘-(shiro)hankichi (superior - superior - (white) half excellent).

11th lunar month of 1801: Okujir˘ plays at the Minamigawa no Shibai the roles of Magohachi and Uesugi Unai in the drama "Igagoe Norikake Gappa", which is produced by Arashi Kumanosuke.

1st lunar month of 1802: Okujir˘'s rank in the Ky˘to hy˘banki, tachiyaku section, is j˘-j˘-(shiro)kichi (superior - superior - (white) excellent).

Summer 1803: his father Asao Tamejűr˘ I is supposed to do his isse ichidai performance at the Naka no Shibai but he suddenly falls ill.

9th lunar month of 1803: Asao Tamejűr˘ I delivers his final speech during a k˘j˘ at the Naka no Shibai; he retires from the Kabuki world.

11th lunar month of 1803: Asao Okujir˘ I takes the name of Asao Tamejűr˘ II at the Naka no Shibai, playing the role of Sanada Yoichi in the kaomise drama "S˘zoku Ishibashiyama", which is produced by Fujikawa Tomokichi I and welcomes in ďsaka the actors Band˘ Hikosabur˘ III and Nakamura Daikichi I; his others main stage partners are Ichikawa Danz˘ IV, Nakayama Shinkur˘ III, Ichikawa Ichiz˘ I, Fujikawa Hachiz˘ III, Nakayama Ittoku I, Yoshizawa Iroha I, Asao Kunigor˘ III, Nakayama Bungor˘ I and Ichikawa Dannosuke III.

7th day of the 4th lunar month of 1804: his father dies in ďsaka.

1st lunar month of 1805: Tamejűr˘'s rank in the Kamigata hy˘banki, tachiyaku section, is one black stroke above j˘-j˘-(shiro)kichi [visual].

11th lunar month of 1805: Tamejűr˘ plays at the Minamigawa no Shibai the role of Minamoto Yoshitsune in the drama "Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura".

12th lunar month of 1805: the troupe which was at the Minamigawa no Shibai moves to ďsaka to perform the same drama, which is produced by Yamashita Tokujir˘ at the Naka no Shibai.

3rd lunar month of 1806: Tamejűr˘ appears on stage for the last time, playing at the Naka no Shibai the role of Kamiya Jihŕ in the drama "Nobe no Kakioki", which is staged to commemorate the 2nd anniversary (3rd memorial service) of the passing away of this late father Asao Tamejűr˘ I.

25th day of the 7th lunar month of 1806: Tamejűr˘ dies in Ky˘to.


Asao Tamejűr˘ II was the promising heir of the Zeniya guild but he unfortunately died too young, at the age of 27, before achieving the same fame as his legendary father.

Asao Tamejűr˘ II playing the role of yakko Ippei in the drama "Koi Ny˘b˘ Somewake Tazuna" in a print made by Utagawa Toyokuni III (1862~1863)

The Asao Okuyama line of actors

The Asao Okujir˘ line of actors

The Asao Tamejűr˘ line of actors

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