Stage names:

Yamatoya Jinbŕ IV In Japanese
Mizuki Tatsunosuke II In Japanese
Mizuki Takenosuke In Japanese

Guild: Yamatoya

Line number: YODAIME (IV)

Poetry name: Shisui

Existence: ??? ~ ???


Master: Yamatoya Uzaemon (Mizuki Tatsunosuke I)

Brother: Mizuki Somenosuke II

Disciple: Mizuki Tatsunosuke III


Before Fall 1724: date of birth unknown. Disciple of Yamatoya Uzaemon and younger brother of Mizuki Somenosuke II, he received the name of Mizuki Takenosuke.

11th lunar of 1724: Takenosuke made his debut on stage in Ky˘to, performing as a wakaonnagata iroko actor in the kaomise drama "Yomeiri Miyako no Shimadai", which was produced by the zamoto Ogino Umenosuke for the nadai Ebisuya Kichir˘bŕ.

11th lunar month of 1725: Takenosuke performed as a wakashugata iroko actor in Ky˘to in the kaomise drama "ďkamado Hatsumen Bako", which was produced by Sanogawa Mangiku for the nadai Hayagumo Ch˘dayű.

11th lunar month of 1730: Takenosuke became wakashugata and performed in Ky˘to at Kameya Kumenoj˘'s theater in the kaomise drama "Eiraku Shiki no Kogane", which was produced by Sakakiyama Shirotar˘ I.

11th lunar month of 1733: Takenosuke became wakaonnagata, performing in Ky˘to in the kaomise drama "Ch˘seiden Kogane no Shikigawara", which was produced by Sakakiyama Shirotar˘ I.

11th lunar month of 1736: Takenosuke became zamoto, producing in Ky˘to at Hayagumo Ch˘dayű's theater the kaomise drama "Shin-yakata Imosegura".

11th lunar month of 1737: Mizuki Takenosuke took the name of Mizuki Tatsunosuke II in Ky˘to at Hayagumo Ch˘dayű's theater, producing and performing in the kaomise drama "Yamato Uta Kamiyo no Kagami"; his stage partners were Anegawa Shinshir˘ I, Segawa Kikunoj˘ I, Segawa Kikujir˘ I, Shinozuka Kazaemon, Matsumoto Tomojűr˘ I, Yamanaka Heijűr˘ I, Arashi Sanshir˘ III and Somenoi Utamatsu. The Segawa brothers were back in Ky˘to after several seasons spent in Edo.

2nd lunar month of 1738: premiere in Ky˘to of Matsuda Bunk˘d˘'s drama "Yukihira Isonare Matsu"; Tatsunosuke played the role of the ama Matsukaze [more details].

23rd day of the 9th lunar month of 1745 [1]: his master Yamatoya Uzaemon died.

Fall 1745: Tatsunosuke went to ďsaka.

11th lunar month of 1745: Tatsunosuke played at the ďnishi no Shibai the role of Yojűr˘'s ny˘b˘ Otaka in the kaomise drama "T˘nai Tar˘ Danjiri Ropp˘", which was produced by Arashi San'emon IV.

11th lunar month of 1747: he became tachiyaku and took the name of Yamatoya Jinbŕ IV at the Naka no Shibai, playing the role of Matsushima Shir˘ in the kaomise drama "Kogane-bana Michinoku Jikki", which was produced by Ichikawa Ryűz˘.

Fall 1748: Tatsunosuke went back to Ky˘to.

11th lunar month of 1748: Jinbŕ played at Hayagumo Ch˘dayű's theater the role of Imagawa Nakaaki in the kaomise drama "Jidai Makie Chűshingura", which was produced by Nakamura Matsubŕ I.

11th lunar month of 1749: Jinbŕ appeared on stage for the last time, in Ky˘to at Miyako Handayű's theater, playing the role of Nanbu Hanz˘ in the kaomise drama "Imosegura Kogane no Ishizue".

1st lunar month of 1750: Jinbŕ's rank in the Ky˘to hy˘banki, tachiyaku section, was j˘-j˘-(shiro)hankichi (superior - superior - (white) half excellent) [visual]. No record afterwards.


Yamatoya Jinbŕ IV was a Ky˘to actor, active in his city and in ďsaka (3 seasons between 1745 and 1748) from the end of the first half of the 1720s to the end of the 1740s. He started as a wakashugata, became a wakaonnagata and ended as a tachiyaku actor. He was a good dancer and he excelled in wagoto.

[1] The 23rd day of the 9th lunar month of the 2nd year of the Enky˘ era was the 18th of October 1745 in the western calendar.

[2] Yamatoya Jinbŕ II was the uncle of Yamatoya Jinbŕ IV's master Yamatoya Uzaemon.

Yamatoya Jinbŕ IV (left) and Nakamura Yaehachi (right) playing the roles of Imagawa Nakaaki and Otsuta in the kaomise drama "Jidai Makie Chűshingura", which was staged in the 11th lunar month of 1748 in Ky˘to at Hayagumo Ch˘dayű's theater

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