APRIL 2022
Cancellation of one Kabuki performances in April 2022 due to coronavirus (COVID-19)!!!

4 shows in T˘ky˘ (Kabukiza, Makuhari Messe), 1 in Nagoya (Misonoza), 2 on Shikoku island (Kanamaruza) and 1 tour (Zenshinza)!

  • Living National Treasure Band˘ Tamasabur˘, Living National Treasure Kataoka Nizaemon, Matsumoto Haku˘, Nakamura Baigyoku, Nakamura Kaishun, Nakamura Ganjir˘, Nakamura Senjaku, Matsumoto K˘shir˘, Ichikawa Ennosuke, Kataoka Takatar˘, Kataoka Ainosuke, Onoe Sh˘roku, Nakamura Karoku, Nakamura Matagor˘ and Ichikawa Komaz˘ perform at the Kabukiza!
  • Onoe Kikunosuke, Band˘ Hikosabur˘ and Nakamura Baishi perform at the Misonoza !
  • Kabukiza (T˘ky˘)
    Dates 2 ~ 27 April 2022
    Shigatsu ďkabuki
    April Grand Kabuki
    1st program

    Ten'ichib˘ ďoka Seidan

    2nd program

    Arakawa no Sakichi
    Edoe Ry˘goku Hakkei

    Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura
    (Hototogisu Hana Aru Sato)

    3rd program

    Jiisan Baasan



    Living National Treasure Band˘ Tamasabur˘, Living National Treasure Kataoka Nizaemon, Matsumoto Haku˘, Nakamura Baigyoku, Nakamura Kaishun, Nakamura Ganjir˘, Nakamura Senjaku, Matsumoto K˘shir˘, Ichikawa Ennosuke, Kataoka Takatar˘, Kataoka Ainosuke, Onoe Sh˘roku, Nakamura Karoku, Nakamura Matagor˘, Nakamura Kazutar˘, Band˘ Minosuke, Nakamura Hayato, Ichikawa Komaz˘, Nakamura Kikaku, Ichikawa Monnosuke, Kawarasaki Gonjűr˘, Band˘ Shűch˘, Band˘ Kamez˘, Matsumoto Kingo, Ichikawa Emisabur˘, Ichikawa Emiya, Ichikawa En'ya, Nakamura Matsue, Ichikawa Juen, Ichikawa Seiko, Kataoka Kamez˘, Ichikawa Omez˘, Onoe Ukon, Kataoka Sennosuke, Nakamura Takanosuke, Nakamura Yonekichi, Band˘ Shingo, Nakamura Kash˘, ďtani Hirotar˘, Nakamura Tanenosuke, Nakamura Hashinosuke, Arashi Kitsusabur˘, Kataoka Matsunosuke, Nakamura Kichinoj˘, Nakamura Fukunosuke, Nakamura Utanosuke, Nakamura Toranosuke, Ichikawa Otora, Onoe Sakon


    The April Grand Kabuki at the Kabukiza.

  • Ten'ichib˘: tales of wise magistrates are common in Asia and if China has Judge Dee, Japan has ďoka, Lord of Echizen. Became popular as k˘dan storytelling and have long been a staple of television. In the late 19th century, the success of these stories as k˘dan inspired Kabuki versions, including this one, written by Kawatake Mokuami. In remote province of Kishű, there is an old wet nurse. Her daughter fell in love with the Sh˘gun Yoshimune and bore his child. The mother and child soon died, but the old wet nurse has a sword and document signed by the Sh˘gun. An evil priest (Ichikawa Ennosuke) learns her secret, kills her and takes the sword and document. He goes to Edo and poses as the son of Yoshimune under the name Ten'ichib˘. He gathers an army of out of work samurai and collects money from supporters, all eager for advantage when Ten'ichib˘ becomes Sh˘gun. Ten'ichib˘'s plot seems unstoppable until he meets the wise magistrate ďoka (Onoe Sh˘roku), Lord of Echizen. Featuring also Kataoka Ainosuke.
  • Arakawa no Sakichi: a modern classic by Mayama Seika, this play set in the late Edo period combines tears and laughter as it focuses on a gang member caught between the bitter territorial battles of the people around him, and his fierce determination to raise his child. Starring Ko9 and Matsumoto Haku˘ in the roles of Arakawa no Sakichi and Sagamiya Masagor˘. Featuring also Nakamura Baigyoku, Nakamura Kaishun and Kataoka Takatar˘.
  • Hototogisu Hana Aru Sato:
    ('A Cuckoo in a Field of Flowers')
    Minamoto no Yoshitsune (Nakamura Baigyoku) and his retainers are on their way from Daimotsu Bay to Mt. Yoshino, and rest here along the road to Yamato Province. Miyoshino (Nakamura Senjaku), a shiraby˘shi court dancer, and Terukichi (Nakamura Matagor˘), a puppet player, pass by. Each dances in a lively manner and comforts Yoshitsune. This is a lively dance accompanied by the Nagauta lyrical ensemble. Featuring also Nakamura Ganjir˘ as Washio Sabur˘.
  • Jiisan Baasan: based on a short story by Mori ďgai, this modern play by Uno Nobuo shows a loving young couple. The samurai Iori travels to Ky˘to with his lord, leaving Run, his beloved wife, behind. While there, he attacks another man in a fight over a sword and is forced into house arrest, separating him from his wife. Many years later, he returns to his home as an old man. There he meets an elderly woman and they do not recognize each other until she sees the one thing that has not changed with age, Iori's peculiar habit of putting his hand to his nose. Starring Living National Treasure Kataoka Nizaemon and Living National Treasure Band˘ Tamasabur˘ as Iori and Run. Featuring also Nakamura Karoku.
  • Omatsuri: the gallant commoners of Edo's neighborhoods loved nothing better than a festival, and this performance is a dance based on one of the biggest festivals in Edo. In this dance, a geisha appears on stage with a group of young men in a display of their 'Edo-style' spirit. The geisha, who has become a little tipsy, performs a beautiful and enticing dance, and caught up in her performance, the young festival goers put on a brilliant display as they all dance together. Starring Living National Treasure Band˘ Tamasabur˘ as the geisha.
  • Sources: Earphone Guide Website or Sh˘chiku Kabuki Official Website

    Misonoza (Nagoya)
    Dates 15 ~ 24 April 2022
    Y˘shun Hanagata Kabuki
    Springtime Young Actors Kabuki

    Aioi Jishi


    Kabuki no Mikata

    Migawari Zazen


    Onoe Kikunosuke, Band˘ Hikosabur˘, Nakamura Baishi, Nakamura Mantar˘, Nakamura Kangyoku, Kamimura Kichitar˘


    A Spring Kabuki program in Nagoya at the Misonoza. The same program is staged twice a day, at 12 and at 16.

  • Aioi Jishi: shishi (mythical lion-like spirits) are usually thought of as vigorous masculine creatures, but when shishi dances were first adapted for Kabuki from the classical theatre, they were danced by actors portraying an elegant, feminine atmosphere. This dance is one of the earliest in the genre and stars onnagata female role specialists. Featuring Nakamura Baishi and Nakamura Kangyoku.
  • Yuki: Onoe Kikunosuke appears as an ďsaka courtesan named Soseki, expressing her feelings of loneliness after having been jilted by her lover and who has decided to become a nun. This jiuta dance is performed in a restrained chamber style.
  • Kabuki no Mikata: literally how to view Kabuki. A lively presentation by Nakamura Mantar˘ of some aspects of the art of Kabuki.
  • Migawari Zazen: a dance play adopted from a classical ky˘gen farce. A man (Onoe Kikunosuke) wants nothing more than to visit his lover Hanako, but he has one important problem, his homely and overbearing wife (Band˘ Hikosabur˘). He creates a scheme saying that he will be practicing Zen meditation all night and has his servant (Nakamura Mantar˘) take his place while he visits Hanako. He returns, giddy from a night of pleasure and tells his story to his servant in dance, unaware that his wife has discovered his deception and has taken his servant's place.
  • Sources: Sh˘chiku Kabuki Official Website

    Makuhari Messe (Chiba)
    Dates 29 ~ 30 April 2022

    Towa no Hana Homare no Isaoshi [In Japanese]


    Nakamura Shid˘, Hatsune Miku


    The world of Kabuki and the world of otaku collide for the 8th time in Kabuki history! Resulting from this spectacular collision, a new genre, the Ch˘kabuki (literally Ultra-Kabuki), was born in 2016 [more details]. Nakamura Shid˘ shares the stage with the virtual 3D creature Hatsune Miku. They perform "together" in the newly-created Ch˘kabuki drama "Towa no Hana Homare no Isaoshi". The choreography was made under the guidance of Fujima Kanjűr˘ VIII. It is staged at the Makuhari Messe as part of the Niconico Ch˘kaigi 2022 event, an important yearly event for the otaku tribes [dedicated website].

    Zenshinza Tour
    Dates 25 March ~ 23 April 2022

    B˘ Shibari


    Arashi Yoshisabur˘, Nakajima K˘tar˘, Watarai Motoyuki


    A March and April dance tour all over Japan for the Zenshinza troupe.

  • B˘ Shibari:
    (Tied to a Pole)
    A dance play based on a classical Ky˘gen farce. A master (Watarai Motoyuki) is irritated that his two servants always drink his wine while he is out. He plots with his servant Tar˘kaja (Nakajima K˘tar˘) to trick the other servant Jir˘kaja (Arashi Yoshisabur˘) into demonstrating his skill at stick fighting, tying him to the stick. The master then ties up Tar˘kaja as well. But he is outsmarted when the two still manage to drink his wine while tied up. Their happy singing and dancing while tied up is a dazzling display of virtuoso dancing and star two of the finest young dancers in Kabuki.
  • Sources: Earphone Guide Website or Sh˘chiku Kabuki Official Website

    Kanamaruza (Konpira)
    Dates ?? ~ ?? April 2020 [CANCELLED]
    Shikoku Konpira Kabuki ďshibai
    Shikoku Konpira Kabuki Grand Theatre







    The 36th edition of the Spring Kabuki performance Shikoku Konpira Kabuki ďshibai at the Kanamaruza on Shikoku Island has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis.

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